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ResilientYOU presents a new way to help your kids learn how to be resilient!

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Featuring quick and helpful resources, plus a musical children’s show your kids will love!

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a fast-paced musical children’s show that teaches resilience in a fun and catchy way

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10 Protecting Shields

Building Resilience In Children

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Governor Spencer Cox has declared May 2023 as

Presented by ResilientYOU,  the state-wide program that builds lasting resilience in children through schools, homes and communities by using the power of music, in addition to media, and special events to teach life skills and develop inner strength.

A Message From Governor Cox

Check out the music video of our theme song, "Resilient"

Featuring David Osmond, Jessie Clark, Kurt Bestor, The Bonner Family, and choreography by Emmy-Award winning Bonnie Story.