Our mission is to build lasting resilience in children through schools, homes and communities by using the power of music, in addition to media, and special events to teach life skills and develop inner strength.


Our vision is to provide resilience building tools that help:

• CHILDREN overcome challenges and make safe and healthy choices

• PARENTS communicate as a family to develop life skills in their children

• EDUCATORS create an environment conducive to teaching life skills to students

• COMMUNITIES unify to support children and strengthen families


We fulfill our mission and vision by focusing each year on the following 5 areas:

1. Releasing Resilience Building Tool Kit to elementary schools and homes

2. Facilitating governor-declared Resilient Utah Month in May (including the ResilientYOU Education Tribute Awards, Utah Prevention Day with the Salt Lake Bees Event, CBS Media Campaign and Parent Guide)

3. Hosting the Hope for the Holidays CBS local television special on KUTV Channel 2, KJZZ and KMYU

4. Producing Live Events (including assemblies, community concerts, gatherings and trainings)

5. Presenting Utah Shield Awards in the Fall