2022 Parent Guide

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Building Lasting Resilience in Children

by Barbara Smith | Executor Director, Resilient Utah

We all know someone who is resilient; who seems to be able to face obstacles and bounce back time after time. They must have been born with the resiliency gene. Not so. Resiliency is a skill, a way of thinking, a way of doing that can be taught. Resilience is the ability to overcome difficult experiences and be stronger for it.  There are very strategic actions parents can take to increase their children’s resiliency.  Yes, resiliency can be taught… and parents, you are the teachers! 

A special gift for Utah elementary teachers and families!

Governor Spencer Cox has declared May, 2021 as

Resilient Utah is a Resilient You founded state-wide program that builds lasting resilience in children through schools, homes and communities by using music, media, reinforcing materials, technology and special events to teach life skills and develop inner strength.

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